Kia Ora!
Ko Haylee toku ingoa.
My name is Haylee.
E 10 oku tau.
I'm 10 years old.

No Aotearoa ahau.
I am from New Zealand.
Ko Kayla rauko Mitchell taku teina.
My younger siblings are Kayla and Mitchell.
Ko au te tauira o Hato Hemi.
Iam a student of St James.

He mihi nui kia kouto katoa, tena kouto.
A big Hello to everyone.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WALT:Follow an inquiry process.

This term we have been learning about China, we have continued building on the inquiry skills we have learnt in term 2. We brainstormed open questions as a class and then delegated these out to pairs.

The part of China Simone and I were finding out more about was China's Traditions, Beliefs and Religions. We found our information on the Internet and from books. We used a data chart to make sure we triangulated all our information so we knew it was true. We then used Movie Maker to present our inquiry.

Something I enjoyed was working with my best friend an learning how to use a new programme. An interesting fact I found out was that the Chinese light off fire crackers to scare off the bad spirits for the New Year also if Yin and Yang are balanced people are happy. My next learning step in inquiry is to try and find more information on my triangulated sheet.


Demi said...

WoW that is an AWESOME, effictive movie that you and Simone made Haylee. I liked how you Clearly displayed the information that you found out and most of all I liked how you kept me entertained with all of the different settings! Something that you could work on to improve your movie would be to mabye try to have both of you at the same time in it more often because with just one person it is a bit more boring but but overall yuor movie is AWESOME!:)

Simone said...

wow haylee

i really liked how used different music and how it fitted in with the movie.

OLIVIA said...

WOW Haylee,

I really enjoyed how you gave lots of pictures throughout it.

Next time maby you could use louder voices and slow down a bit.

holly said...

Hi Haylee
I really like the way you made your movie clear and made it creative by having lots of different locations around the school to make it more effective. Next time then maybe you should try to slow down a bit while your speaking. AWESOME!!!

Maria said...

Hi Haylee and Simone
I Loved your movie
I Liked how you made it focued and you used photos and labels and how you started it with grace being all funny.
Next time you could try to make it slower so that we can understand and get more info.

Grace said...

WOW Haylee!!!!!!!!!!
I relly like how you tould your auddience all the information you found out.

I think you could inprove the slownes of your voice.

Cindy said...

well done to have an music that matches your background. Please keep your music sound quieter and not to mspeck fast. I like your pictures. well done haylee!

Madison said...

Hi Haylee,

I really liked how you had heaps of pictures with words that discribed the picture. Also it was very clear and I learnt heaps!

Next time you could try turn the music down in some of the parts!


Monika said...

Wow, your movie is AWESOME.
I really liked how you had pictures to show what you were talking about and your voice was really clear.Next time you could not talk so fast because it was hard to understand.

Emma said...

wow haylee,
I liked it how you used a good clear voice and used pictuers to show what you are talking about.Next time you could slow down when you are talking.

Anonymous said...

hay haylee

i really liked the way you had heaps of pictures!!!
the next steps for improvements are having more info
but apart from thhat it was fab!!!