Kia Ora!
Ko Haylee toku ingoa.
My name is Haylee.
E 10 oku tau.
I'm 10 years old.

No Aotearoa ahau.
I am from New Zealand.
Ko Kayla rauko Mitchell taku teina.
My younger siblings are Kayla and Mitchell.
Ko au te tauira o Hato Hemi.
Iam a student of St James.

He mihi nui kia kouto katoa, tena kouto.
A big Hello to everyone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cindys Dads VISIT

Walt: find out more about China to help us in our Dance Performance.

Last week Cindy's Dad came to share with us all about China. He gave us Moon Cake because Moon Cakes are a special Chinese Dessert and they eat them at their Autumn Celebration which is this time of year . An interesting fact I learnt was that Chinese people write differently to us and they have a Traditional writing and a Simplified writing. I really enjoyed the part when we got to eat the Moon Cakes because they were really yummy.

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