Kia Ora!
Ko Haylee toku ingoa.
My name is Haylee.
E 10 oku tau.
I'm 10 years old.

No Aotearoa ahau.
I am from New Zealand.
Ko Kayla rauko Mitchell taku teina.
My younger siblings are Kayla and Mitchell.
Ko au te tauira o Hato Hemi.
Iam a student of St James.

He mihi nui kia kouto katoa, tena kouto.
A big Hello to everyone.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Famous people in early Christian Communities.

Walt: develop and understanding of the early Christian Church.
In the early Christian communities there were many outstanding people among the Apostles and believers. This person is St Peter. He carried out the Churches mission by caring for Christians and spreading the word about Jesus and God even though it was a threat.
I used Blabberize to present this information.


bethany said...

hi i like it how you have a loud clear voice

holly said...

Hi Haylee,
I really like your blabberize and I think it is really detailed.

From Holly

Madison said...

Hi Haylee,
I really like your Blabberize your picture is really detailed. Next time try to make it a little bit clearer.