Kia Ora!
Ko Haylee toku ingoa.
My name is Haylee.
E 10 oku tau.
I'm 10 years old.

No Aotearoa ahau.
I am from New Zealand.
Ko Kayla rauko Mitchell taku teina.
My younger siblings are Kayla and Mitchell.
Ko au te tauira o Hato Hemi.
Iam a student of St James.

He mihi nui kia kouto katoa, tena kouto.
A big Hello to everyone.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


This slideshow shows the YR6 trip to HHC Camp.

I used animoto to create this slideshow.

The highlight of Camp for me was Caving because it was a challenge and gave us a chance to overcome our fears.


Maria said...

Hi Haylee I liked how you combined the music with the pics and i can see you had an amzing time at camp!!!!!!!


Madison said...

HeY Haylee,
Cool AnImOtO I like how the music goes with the pictures and that you chosee awesome pictures!