Kia Ora!
Ko Haylee toku ingoa.
My name is Haylee.
E 10 oku tau.
I'm 10 years old.

No Aotearoa ahau.
I am from New Zealand.
Ko Kayla rauko Mitchell taku teina.
My younger siblings are Kayla and Mitchell.
Ko au te tauira o Hato Hemi.
Iam a student of St James.

He mihi nui kia kouto katoa, tena kouto.
A big Hello to everyone.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The brainy Brain

The Brainy Brain.

The Brain is a control center that sends and receives messages. The control center controls breathing, thinking and moving. The Brain also stores memories.
Inside the Brain.
The Brain has 3 main parts. The 1st part is the Cerebrum that helps you think and feel. Plus the Cerebrum helps your muscles to move. It is divided into two parts called Hemispheres. The 2nd part is the Cerebellum that helps you to keep your balance.
And the last part is the Brain Stem which controls autmatic actions such as breathing and
blinking. Those are the 3 main parts of the brain.
What Does It Do?
The Brain helps you to move and keep your balance in sports and riding your bike.
How do you think your Nervous System Works?
Your Brain sends a message through your spinal cord and Nervous and it tells you it hurts. Your Nervous System is made up of your spine, Brain and Nerves.

Do You Keep Your Brain Healthy?
When you are riding your bike or rollerblading ect. Wear a helmet to protect your brain and skull.
You can exercise your Brain by doing puzzles and thinking activites.
One VERY inportant thing to keep your Brain healthy is sleep and healthy food.

So remeber the Brain is a EXTREMELY inportant part of the Body. Look After It.